Art of Science 2014

50" x 38". Spraypaint and Acrylic on canvas.
I was lucky enough to be a part of the Art of Science are show in Memphis, TN.  It is an annual show that involves pairing an artist with a research scientist from St. Jude. The show has been a real treat every year and showcases the interaction between art and science. The show combines left and right brain thinkers into something extraordinary that you don't get to see very often. I was lucky enough to be paired with Dr. Martine Roussel who is an amazing researcher that has spent most of her life researching how the brain works and how biological connections in the brain shape who we are as people. I wanted to explore this realm of tiny thought (no pun intended) by contrasting it to the vastness of space where in all of these specs of dust that collect to make planets and moons make up solar systems and galaxies, much like the tiny connections in our brain that control our thoughts and actions make up who we are as individuals. 
I felt honored to be a part of the show so I decided to be bold and try a slew of new painting techniques. I talked to Martine about her work and referenced back to it as I sketched and threw paint around and eventually ended up with this piece. It was the most organic process I have ever gone through and I hope to be a part of future shows.
Image of synapses in a human brain.
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